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Stump Grinder


A safer and faster way of removing tree stumps!

The stump buster is an efficient, easy and safe way for removing tree stumps. The three blade drill head rotates at low speed and with high torque, which means the wood shavings don’t fly all around and the attachment can be used in confined spaces and pedestrian areas safely.

The stump buster drills either a 250 mm or a 350 mm diameter hole into the tree stump, shaving off the wood as it turns. The drive unit is equipped with a hydraulic motor and planetary gearbox which guarantee high torque and efficient cutting. The drill shaft is 500 mm long and the bolt-on blades are replaceable. Blades are made from extra hard material, they can be sharpened and have a longer life cycle also in more demanding conditions.

  • New, safe way for removing of tree stumps
  • Uncomplicated design, easy to operate
  • Bolt-on, replaceable blades

400, 500, R, 600 & 700 SERIES

Model XHD92
Max. torque 5873 Nm
Drive shaft length 500 mm
Weight 300 kg
Drive unit product no. A33571
Drill 250 mm A36763
Drill 350 mm A36764