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Avant 600 Series

A perfect combination of power and agility

Avant 600 series is the real all-rounder in the range. It combines power, lift capacity and professional hydraulics which are in a very compact package. This makes 600 series a very popular machine for many professionals in landscaping, groundcare, construction, farming, horse stables, and many other customers. The max. 1,1-tonne lift capacity is just perfect for a multitude of jobs and the powerful auxiliary hydraulics runs almost all Avant attachments. The customers also like the easy transporting of 600 series. Thanks to the compact dimensions it is possible to fit both the loader and the attachments on the trailer, and inside the van if necessary.

600 series customers also benefit from Avant’s telescopic boom, which is a standard feature. Lift height and outreach are excellent for a machine of this size and they can be seamlessly adjusted with the teleboom. This guarantees very fast and ergonomic load handling.

The great Avant stability is present in 600 series as well, and the excellent visibility to the attachment and work area is valued by all operators. Avant’s 4×4 hydrostatic drive system gives the best possible traction in all situations.

The comprehensive range of options are available for 600 series also, including all cab options. From over 200 attachments specially designed for Avant loaders the customers can choose the best package for any use.

  • Lift capacity 1100 kg
  • Lift height 2.8 m
  • Engine power 26 hp
  • Drive speed 14-20 km/h
  • Optidrive™ drive circuit gives more power for the drive and hydraulic attachments
  • Perfect for small job sites with limited or narrow accesses
  • Easy to transport with a car trailer

Technical Information

SPEED 14 km/h


Length 2550 mm
Width 1290 mm
Height 2035 mm
Weight 1360 + 170 kg
Standard wheels 26×12.00-12″ Grass/TR
Transmission, drive Hydrostatic Avant Optidrive™
Pulling force 1200 kp
Drive speed 14 km/h
Aux. hydraulics oil flow / pressure 50 l/min 200 bar
Turning radius inside/outside 900 / 2190 mm
Max. lifting height 2835 mm
Tipping load * 1100 kg
Max. breakout force / 50 cm 1250 kg
Engine make and type Kubota V1505 Stage V, 4-cyl.
Engine output (ISO Gross) 19 kW (26 hp)
Maximum torque 93 Nm @ 1700 rpm
Fuel Diesel

* Load is measured at 400 mm from the attachment coupling plate, including attachment weight (70 kg) and with counterweights.


WHEEL SIZE Profile Width
27 x 8.50 – 15 * Tractor 1030 mm
23 x 8.50 – 12 Tractor or grass 1080 mm
23 x 10.50 – 12 Tractor or grass 1130 mm
26 x 12.00 – 12 Tractor or grass 1290 mm
320/60 – 12 HD Tractor 1290 mm
26.5 x 14.00 – 12** Grass 1420 mm

* bigger wheels will increase the total machine height by 13 mm

** requires 40 mm spacers on the wheel hubs


Wheel size 26×12.00-12 & 320/60-12* 27×8.50-15
L Cab  2035 mm 2048 mm
LX Cab 2025 mm 2038 mm
DLX Cab 2045 mm 2058 mm
DLX Cab with A/C on the roof 2181 mm 2194 mm

* with 23″ wheels the machine is 15 mm lower


Avant 635 product measurements Avant 635 product measurements