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Avant 700 Series

Power for Professionals

Outstanding handling capacity

Avant 700 series offers strong and real multi-use loaders for jobs where high lift capacity and/or drive speed is needed, yet at the same time the machine shall be as compact as possible. The 700 series is the perfect tool for street cleaning and other property maintenance tasks on narrow streets and yards in the cities, lifting and handling bales, etc. on farms, handling paving stones, moving materials on construction sites, and in many other applications. Easy transportation with a car trailer and a high drive speed enable quick transfers between work sites.

High flow auxiliary hydraulics runs all Avant attachments which further increases the versatility of the machine.

A wide range of options increases operator comfort as well. 700 series can be fitted with all cab options, also with A/C, which ensures the perfect conditions for a full day’s work.

  • Lift capacity 1400 kg
  • Lift height 3.1 m
  • Engine power 49-57 hp
  • Drive speed 15-26 km/h
  • Cab options L/LX/DLX available, DLX also with A/C
  • Easy to transport with a car trailer
  • Optidrive™ drive circuit gives more power for the drive and hydraulic attachments