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Snow Plough

Property Maintenance

Avant snow plough is a versatile attachment for snow removal. It consists of two independently hydraulically adjustable blades. Both blades have a spring release mechanism in the lower part of the blade to prevent any sudden stops caused by frozen objects, well lids etc. The float mechanism on the mounting bracket guarantees that the blade follows ground as well as possible.

  • Angle of both blades can be adjusted independently with a toggle switch from the driver’s seat.
  • Versatile snow removal tool for professional use

400, 500, R, 600 & 700 SERIES

Model 1800 mm 2200 mm
Blade width 1500-1800 mm 1800-2200 mm
Blade turning angle 35 deg 35 deg
Weight 280 kg 305 kg
Blade height 770 mm 770 mm
Product no A21048 A34368


Ice scraper blades Ice scraper blades
snow plough 1800 mm snow plough 2200 mm
A418967 A418968