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Flail Mower

Flail mower is a drum-type cutter, intended for cutting of long grass, scrub, bush and similar vegetation. It will cut up to 20 mm thick tree branches with ease.

Flail mower is the optimal cutting device for places where you need a lot of cutting power and a rougher cut will do. The most common applications for flail mower are places with taller vegetation like meadows, road banks, yard areas etc.

  • Cutting deck design improves cutting result and requires less power from the engine and hydraulics
  • Flails are mounted in spiral on the shaft which makes cutting more efficient
  • Direct drive: hydraulic motor mounted directly on the shaft
  • Floating system allows free vertical movement, and the floating can be set so that the mower can tilt freely forward and backward as well
  • Big roller in the rear – better stability and less resistance when mowing

200 400 500 600 700 800 and R Series

Optional flail types:
A419931 Y-flails, pair, 16 Pcs/1200 mm mower, 18 Pcs/1500 mm mower
A420305 L-flails, pair, 16 Pcs/1200 mm mower, 18 Pcs/500 mm mower

Cutting width1200 mm1500 mm
Total width1580 mm1880 mm
Cutting height25 – 100 mm25 – 100 mm
Standard flails
16 pcs
20 pcs
Weight240 kg270 kg
Product noA36730A36015