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Vacuum Brush

The vacuum brush is intended mainly for collecting of tree leaves in parks, lawns, yards etc. The powerful vacuum unit sucks the waste first into the vacuum on the bottom of the collector box and then into the box, compacting everything into a tight package. The mouthpiece on the vacuum is equipped with a 1300 mm wide rotary brush which loosens also more compacted and wet leaves and waste. Brush rotation speed can be adjusted steplessly.

The collector box (same box as on A37411 Collecting lawn mower 1500) is mounted on top of the vacuum unit. It is equipped with large transparent plastic windows so that you can easily monitor how the box is filling up. The box is emptied by opening the lid (powered by a hydraulic cylinder) from Avant’s driver seat and by lifting the boom the collected waste can be tipped into a container, skip etc.

  • Efficient leaf collector
  • Large volume collector box allows fast collecting
  • Equipped with Optifloat® -system, works well on uneven surfaces also
  • Fast and easy floating adjustment with indicator arrows on the Optifloat®
  • Easy emptying thanks to hydraulic lid opening from Avant’s driver seat

600, 700, 800 and R Series

Working width1300 mm
Total width1590 mm
Collector box volume800 l
Length1540 mm
Height1190 mm
Weight435 kg
Product noA428800