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Lawnmower 1500


Avant’s biggest lawn mower is intended for professional lawn mowing also on larger areas. The mower can be modified to right type of mowing for different circumstances. Powerful mower allows a higher drive speed and perfect cut also on challenging conditions.

Optifloat system ensures that the cutting is easy and that the cutting deck follows the ground contours also on uneven terrains. The floating system is also equipped with a safety valve, which stops the blades when the mower is lifted off the ground.

  • Equipped with Optifloat system
  • More cutting power for challenging mowing conditions
  • Side discharge as standard, mulching kit available as an option
  • Rounded edges – less damage to trees, buildings etc. in case of contact

225, 600, R & 700 SERIES

Cutting width 1500 mm
Blades 3 pcs
Cutting height 25 – 100 mm
450 mm
Weight 220 kg
Product no A34528